Jason (Guangyu) Wang

Prior to moving to Canada, Jason Wang was the President and CEO of Fujian Forestry Investment and Development Co., one of China's top ten forestry companies. He is an adjunct professor for two main forestry universities in China. He served as deputy director of World Bank Forest Projects and director of International Forestry Program in Fujian, China. He introduced a range of important policy innovations, bringing the forestry sector in Fujian through a series of developmental changes. In 1998, he organized the China Forest Industry Conference - the first of its kind in the U.S. Dr. Wang served as a technical leader for 36 key forestry projects, and received six National Science and Technology Progress Achievement Awards. He has successfully completed several marketing, investment and development projects, and initiated several promotional events for multi-national forestry companies entering China's market. He organized three international fairs for wood and forest products, attracting several hundred companies and traders from 28 countries. Dr. Wang earned his B.S. in resource management from China, a Master in Business from the U.S. and a PhD in forestry at UBC. He is the author of numerous books, technical reports and scientific papers, including many peer-reviewed international journals, and first authorship of two papers published in the prestigious scientific journal, Science.