Florent Chandelier

Florent Chandelier is Vice-President Research & Development and Regulatory Affairs at CADENS Imaging, a medical imaging company he cofounded in 2007. As a V.P. R&D Florent defines and manages the innovation cycle with key clinical and engineering partners to transfer unique technologies into clinical realities. To this end, he supervises the regulatory clearances of the resulting medical devices, and supports CADENS Imaging corporate objectives through the development of a strategic intellectual property portfolio, encouraging the creation of key partnerships and unique business opportunities. Furthermore, Florent now advises other start-ups coming out of universities in terms of consolidating spin-off scenarios, structuring R&D plans to deliver pre-commercial products, while securing I.P. valuation & transfer during licensing negotiations. Florent Chandelier received a PhD in biomechanics from Sherbrooke University (Sherbooke, Canada) in 2007, a Master in Engineering - Mathematics applied to Signal Treatment - from ESME-SUDRIA (Paris, France) in 2004, and obtained a Master in Medical Imaging - Physiological and Physical aspects - from the University of Medicine (Paris, France) in 2004.