Daniel Dumas

Head Economic & Legal Section, Commonwealth Secretariat
With over 20 years of experience in the energy and natural resources sector, Daniel joined the Secretariat in 2005 and is now Head of the Economic & Legal Section (ELS). Daniel’s work focuses on rendering assistance and advice on a myriad of matters in the natural resources, extractive and industry to numerous Commonwealth countries. ELS’s objective is to help Commonwealth countries properly developing their energy and extractive sectors by encouraging private-sector investment while optimizing revenues and benefits for Governments. This involves the development of adequate legal and commercial frameworks as well as progressive fiscal regimes and environmental regulations. In the past few years, Daniel’s interest was on striking the right balance between companies and government interests and in revenue management mechanisms. As such, he collaborated with the International Council on Mining & Metals for the co-publication of a report on Mining Taxation regimes. His most recent publication is entitled: ”Transforming Society through the Extractive industries” and he is currently collaborating on a publication where he looks at specific fiscal issues related to deep-sea mining. Before joining the Commonwealth Secretariat, Daniel was with SNC-Lavalin, one of Canada’s leading engineering and consulting firms. Previously, he was a Director at the World Energy Council for a number of years. Daniel has a graduate degree in Applied Economics and holds a MBA.