Allan Culham

Allan Culham

Former ambassador to the Organization of American States. 

Allan Culham has been an ambassador of Canada on three different occasions: Guatemala/El Salvador (1999-2002), Venezuela (2002-2005) and most recently to the Organization of American States (2010-2014). During his 33 years with the Canadian Government, in addition to positions with Global Affairs Canada, Mr. Culham has also worked at the Treasury Board Secretariat and the Canadian International Development Agency.

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Venezuela, after midnight

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May 24, 2016

As a friend of Canada’s former ambassador to Venezuela relays a frightening recent run-in with a criminal gang, a portrait emerges of a country in economic and political tatters. Is a new dawn possible for the South American country?  


So long, Kirchners

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November 26, 2015

Years of Kirchner rule in Argentina contributed to polarized politics in the Western Hemisphere, but the arrival of a new government offers a reset.