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The Thunder Bay branch of the CIC is the former Branch of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, founded in 1981. The original branch was formed by a cross-section members from the community, the nucleus of which was local high-school history teachers and members of the Department of History at Lakehead University.

Today, the Thunder Bay Branch continues to have a strong relationship with Lakehead University, with half of our speakers each year and co-sponsorship coming from various faculties and departments of that institution. Located at the geographic centre of Canada and a short distance from the Mid-Western United States, the branch also benefits from speakers from across Canada and from the United States.

Branch Executive

Bill King

Walid Chahal
Michel S. Beaulieu

Past President
Michel S. Beaulieu

Treasurer & Arrangements
Ernie Epp

Gloria Cyr

Members at Large
George Morrison



February 23, 2015

Video of Dr. Steven Jobbitt

In September 2014 Dr. Steven Jobbitt visited CIC Thunder Bay to speak about post-communist Hungary. Below you can see the video of his presentation.

Steve Jobbit from …

September 4, 2010

September News

The Thunder Bay Branch began its 2010-11 lecture series on September 16, 2010, with a presentation by Thomas Hanson, Diplomat-in-Residence at the University of Minn…

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