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Letter from the President

Dear friends,

Welcome back to the webpage. It’s good to see you again.

How has your winter been? Things have been hopping here for CIC-Saskatoon, with our eleventh (or so) event taking place March 6. Take a look at our events upcoming, I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like. (Past events have become less searchable, but I invite you to take a look: you’ll also see what’s been going on across Canada.)

Saskatoon members have been actively visiting other CIC branches across Canada this winter – we’ve made it to Winnipeg and Regina, with visits to Toronto and Ottawa coming up. Visits like these add important glue to the network of branches across Canada. We hope to post some photos of these trips, and we encourage you to do the same.

Check us out further on Eventbrite (check Saskatoon events under keyword “cic”), on Facebook (under “CIC Saskatoon”) and on LinkedIn (“CIC Saskatoon”). For more details, ask us directly at .

Thanks again for visiting. Let’s talk:

Yours in service,

Dan Sutherland
Chair – CIC-Saskatoon Branch


There is a magic in the prairies which encourages in its people a concern for the world and a heightened sense of political activism. CIC has provided a home to such people in Saskatoon since the inception of the branch in 1932.

Constantly transforming through the years, the branch draws its membership from many careers, generations and political stripes, providing common ground for a surprising number of communities within the region. Students, business people, community activists, researchers, politicians – all these and more gather here because of their common interest in the world, and Canada’s place within it.

The branch’s membership rosters through the years have included university presidents, provincial cabinet ministers and CBC’s own Shelagh Rogers.

Every branch across Canada is a success because of the impressive speakers they draw in for their events. CIC Saskatoon thanks its many partners, both inside and beyond the university, for its continued successes, including Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, The Hanlon Centre for International Business Studies, The Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, and the International Office, University of Saskatchewan.

Branch Executive

Daniel Sutherland

Executive Secretary
Helen Walker

Recording Secretary
Luke Sather


Val Schneider

Office Manager
George James

Membership Chair
Alexander Arav


Communications Chair
Pavlo Marchak

Programming Chair
Nicholas Kokkastamapoulos

Officers at Large
John Cross
Dennis Nichol
Chrystel Olivier
Reita Palmer
David Russell



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September 12, 2013

Chile’s 1973 Coup, 40 Years Later: Observances, Part Two

In “Canadians and Chile: The first 9/11”, John Foster and Bob Carty shine light on the actions of engaged citizens and brave public servants in changing public policy. This article appeared in Embassy online on September 11, 2013.

September 12, 2013

Chile’s 1973 Coup, 40 Years Later: Observances, Part One

CIC-Saskatoon, through the first of a number of entries on FaceBook, LinkedIn and this website, thinks back on a number of aspects of the 1973 coup.

June 13, 2013

No wonder diplomats are on strike: The foreign service needs fixing

Colin Robertson writes, “it makes no sense for our government to be at war with our foreign service.”

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