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Letter from the President

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the homepage of the National Capital Branch.

With over 350 members many with careers in the international activities of our country we have significant capacity, with eight teams providing vibrant programming:

  • Monthly dinner meetings, frequently covered by CPAC;
  • Our activities with something of a youth focus involve our monthly Politics @ the Pub gatherings, Career Expos, and CIC at the University of Ottawa events;
  • And four study groups – on Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East – each holding meetings with speakers, as often as once a month;
  • Finally, the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) organizes events of learning and discussion for senior civil servants. As well, the FPI is organizing a major conference on South East Asia in Ottawa for November 2014.

On behalf of the board, we look forward to meeting you, and hope you find some things of interest in our programming for you.

David Dyment PhD
President, CIC National Capital Branch



Please explore the various links from this page to learn more about the range of our activities. Our programming generates as many as three or even four events a week, from September through June.

A prominent link is to the “Canada-China Opportunities in Transition” Conference – sold out, with over 230 participants at the Château Laurier Hotel in the spring of 2013. A premier gathering on our evolving relationship with our second largest economic partner, the conference examines the opportunities and challenges from a Canadian perspective, but also with significant Chinese participation.

Spend a rainy afternoon enjoying the videos and documents from the conference – experiencing track-two diplomacy, to foster better understanding and relations. The keynote speaker who kicks-off the conference is from China. On each of the four panels is a panelist from China – including a vice president of CNOOC, since the purchase of Nexen perhaps the first such official from China to participate in a public forum; a director from the Commission responsible for Chinese five-year plans; and, a senior officer from the National Defense University of the People’s Liberation Army.

Beyond teeter-tottering between perceptions of China as either a challenge or an opportunity, the conference is a signal moment in providing a substructure to the relationship – fostering a more mature engagement by exploring the relationship in its entirety.

Enjoy our programming and associated web content!


Branch Executive

David Dyment

Sara Ghoreishi Nejad

Past President
John Noble

Randolf Harrold
Lisa Huang

Katherine Burke

Stephen Baranyi
John Burnett
Dan Edwards
David Halton
Hugh Henry
Bruce Jutzi
Vicken Koundakjian
Akbar Manoussi
Louise Ouimet
Jorge Rave
Chris Tan
Tolga Yalkin

Wisam Salih

George Jacoby

Ex Officio
Dan Edwards
(Saint Paul University student)
Joseph Landry
(Carleton student)
Daniel-Guillaume Stringer
(uOttawa student)


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