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Letter from the President

CCampbell_CICIf you are interested and committed to keeping informed about Canada’s role in the world, you will enjoy the meetings of the Hamilton branch of the CIC. It is the premier forum in this city for discussing the impact of foreign events on Canada. Our membership is an eclectic group of individuals, drawn from the fields of business, politics, academia and public service – all sharing a common interest in Canadian foreign policy. Should you wish to co-host related events with your organization or present your viewpoint to our members, we should be delighted to offer you a platform to do this. We invite all interested people of whatever age or background to attend our meetings and participate in these stimulating and rewarding discussions.

Dr. Colin Campbell
President, CIC-Hamilton Branch


The Canadian International Council is Canada’s council for the discussion of our foreign relations policy. It is independent and member-based. As a branch chapter of the CIC, we hold regular discussions on foreign affairs issues. Traditionally, an expert guest speaker is invited to stimulate discussion in their field of expertise. This year, we hope to engage our members with several new formats for discussion: member symposiums, discussion forums, movie nights and events co-hosted with other special interest groups. The newly elected Executive is planning on-campus events to attract students to attend our meetings, while offering regular meetings at our downtown location.

Branch Executive

Dr. Colin Campbell

Paul Lee-Chin

Program Director
Dr. Alina Sajed


Brooke P. Townsend

Derek Taylor

Director at Large
Dr. Lana Wylie


Past President
Mark Williams

Julie Rorison

Honorary Branch Advisors
Irene Townsend
Doug Scott
Randall Walker


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