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Letter from the President

Dear Members and Friends of CIC-Halifax Branch:

The Halifax Branch is alive and well in Atlantic Canada’s largest city. Since the founding of our Branch, we have tapped into the talents and interests of Haligonians associated with our universities and the Canadian Navy, now Maritime Forces Atlantic. We are proud to count Canadian foreign policy analysts Professor Denis Stairs and Brian Flemming among our long-time members as well as the presidents of our our local universities. A new Executive, elected in January 2011, is also committed to offering more programs appealing to the broader public.

The Halifax Branch enjoys a healthy partnership with the Dalhousie Centre for Foreign Policy Studies. We tap regularly into the Centre’s Luncheon Seminar Series and offer evening and luncheon programs of our own. Over the past six years, CIC Halifax has also jointly sponsored the Annual Dalhousie Political Science Graduate Symposium, helping us to stay current and to attrect active younger members.

We meet monthly from September to June each year, sponsoring speakers, book talks, and roundtable discussions on topical issues. Among our recent events were sessions on Wikileaks and Foreign Policy, the Canadian-American Relationship, and the Global Environmental Crisis.

We welcome new members and any ideas you might have to enliven or speakers’ program or to help us engage the wider public.

Dr. Paul W. Bennett
President, Halifax Branch



The Halifax Branch was established in 1931.


Branch Executive

Paul W. Bennett

Past Presidents
Michael MacKinnon
Bryan Burns

EUCE Liaison
Andrea D’Sylva

Karen Windsor

Lynda Arsenault
David Beitelman
Glenn Davidson
Kevin Deveaux
Jason Guidry
Stephen Leahey
David MacGillivray
Kathie Swenson
Ian Whytock

Kenzie MacKinnon

Youth Outreach
Ben O’Bright

Social Media
J.P. Chater

CFPS Liaison
Brian Bow

Bernard Smith

Member Services
Valerie Bachynsky




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