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70 years since Bretton Woods, the multilateral system is once again in need of reinvention. Brett House on what to do.

The End of the Road

Stephen Blank on how Washington’s highway funding crisis threatens the North American economy.


The Green Energy Gap

While the consumption of renewable energy is growing, the world still has a long way to go if it wants to phase out fossil fuels.


The Age of Law Enforcement Surveillance

Robert Muggah on how new surveillance technology can be used to check the abuse of power by police officers.


Responding to Tragedy: Malaysia Airlines MH17

Jeremy Kinsman on what the Flight MH17 crash means for the conflict in eastern Ukraine.


Remembering Mandela

On International Nelson Mandela Day, David Hornsby considers his legacy in South Africa and around the world.


Using the Internet to Save Lives in Iran

An interview with human rights activist Maryam Nayeb Yazdi about her efforts to stop executions in Iran.

  • Failed Diplomacy

    The “explosive” (and very detailed) inside story of the failed peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine instigated by John Kerry, by Ben Birnbaum and Amir Tibon for the New Republic: “We seem to have reached the end of an era in the peace process. And no one harbors much hope for what comes next.”

  • Living Downstream from China

    One day last December, the water level of the Mekong River in northern Thailand suddenly rose by several metres. Then in February, the water level suddenly fell by a metre in some parts. Were these fluctuations the result of natural phenomenon, or were two massive dams in China to blame? Pilita Clark reports for FT.

  • Fanning the Flames

    The New Yorker editor David Remnick on the situation in eastern Ukraine and Putin’s role: “[Putin] has fanned a kind of prolonged political frenzy… that serves his immediate political needs but that he can no longer easily calibrate and control.” The crash of Flight MH17 could escalate things further.

  • On the Front Lines in Eastern Ukraine

    A Radio Free Europe interview with Artur Gasparyan, an Armenian who volunteered to fight in eastern Ukraine. He barely survived the battle for Donetsk Airport: “There was gossip that supposedly we were so tough and everyone was afraid of us. But it turned out just the opposite.”

  • Costs and Benefits

    “Trade, Not Aid” has become a popular slogan in development, but more foreign investment doesn’t necessarily mean more development, writes Christiane Badgley for Foreign Policy: “Many African governments are offering increasingly lucrative terms to attract foreign investment. But will the cost of these incentives outweigh the benefits to Africans?”

  • Can the BRICS Change the World?

    “Every time [the BRICS summit] happens, there are questions about whether the Brics grouping is anything more than a catchy acronym,” writes Katy Watson for BBC News. But while trade may not be a strength, there is something else that united them: a dissatisfaction with the current global order.

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